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Heal Your Aches & Pains Effectively With Our Therapeutic Massage Services in Sherwood Park. Our Team Is Well-Known For Offering Personalized Treatments To Optimize Your Healthcare. We offer personal as well as corporate massage services at your location.

V-VA Offers a Very Extensive Massage Menu!
Massage Services in Sherwood Park


On-Site Corporate Wellness Massage

A Whole Day at Your Location
(Corporate Wellness)


What comes to mind when someone says “Corporate Massage?” Do you have visions of your workers getting oiled up and rubbed until they are so relaxed they are unproductive for the rest of the day? Or maybe it’s the sight of workers kinda sitting in that silly looking massage chair, getting rubbed through their clothes? (We can’t seem to find any therapist who actually enjoys providing chair massages – and shouldn’t they enjoy what they are doing?!)

Maybe you are ready for something new, something unique, something better, something that actually Benefits Both the Corporation and the Worker

Let’s all keep our clothes on, and get workers who are relaxed, yet alert and Productive! Regular Pricing is 50% higher, so big savings!

Our Lead Therapist, Roger Walker MMT RMT, will provide a minimum of 12 “Body Boost”™ sessions, using “Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)”™ (see below), at your location. Please call 780-416-3730 and speak with our manager, for details.

Roger’s Ulti-MAT(E)™

3 Hour Massage
(Clinical or Spa Treatment)


All Ladies need a Self-Indulgent Valentine Treat(ment), but you don’t need to wait for a special occasion! Feel the Luxury! Have those hurtin’ areas clinically treated (full treatment qualifies for massage insurance), and be pampered at the same time! It is rare to find even a 2 hour massage session, because most therapists lack the stamina and desire to provide one. V-VA’s Lead Therapist, Roger Walker MMT RMT, now offers his Exclusive Ulti-MAT(E)™ 3 Hour Massage, a V-VA Exclusive!

Start with MAT(E)™, a clothed, mat based treatment to really loosen you up – wear clothes you can be moved in! Included is an optional “DOSE Therapy”™ session, which can release large quantities of Feel Good neuro-chemicals in the brain. Finish with a lengthy, slow, thorough, full body, traditional massage, with focus on any areas you please.

$310 (3 hours)
$280 (3 hours, if booked for between 0900-noon, any day)

“Myoskeletal Alignment

Therapy (Extended)”™

(Clinical Treatment)


Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) is an advanced clinical massage services in Sherwood Park modality originally created to address issues of Pain. Our Lead Therapist, Roger Walker MMT RMT, is Alberta’s only Master Myoskeletal Therapist, and has Extended the modality with with complementary techniques that are characteristically Slow, Gentle, Intentional, and Pain-Free, and adapted the therapy to treating you on a mat or low table, with your clothes on! Wear clothes you can be moved in! Where traditional massage is mostly Push, MAT(E)™ is a more balanced approach of Push, Pull, Compress, and Passive Movement. In addition to Pain, MAT(E)™ is also an excellent solution for other issues, including but not limited to, Mobility, Stress, Posture, Injury Rehab, Pregnancy, Lymphatic Drainage, Work/Sport Performance, and more!

  • 30 minutes (.5 hour) $75 (This is the “Body Boost”™ – a great pick-me-up/rejuvenator for a lunch break)
  • 60 minutes (1.0 hour) $120
  • 90 minutes (1.5 hours) $175 (With any session of 90 minutes or more, the last portion can be devoted to table massage.)
  • 120 minutes (2.0 hours) $225
  • 150 minutes (2.5 hours) $265
  • 180 minutes (3.0 hours) $310 (This is the “Body Reboot”™ – enough time to holistically address the entire person, with focus for issues)

Sports Massage

(Clinical Treatment)


Please see “Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)™, above, for sessions.

There are several types of Sports Massage services in Sherwood Park, not all of which can be done at V-VA:

  • MAINTENANCE – Enhances recovery from exertion, and helps the athlete maintain optimal health.
  • REMEDIAL/REHABILITATION – This is used to improve a debilitating condition or heal a sports related injury.
  • PRE-EVENT – This prepares an athlete for an event and is intended to wake the muscles up, not to relax them, and helps the athlete to mentally prepare for the event. It can be done at a clinic or spa, but is usually done at the event site.
  • INTER-EVENT – Some sports activities, including track and field events and those divided into periods (i.e. hockey or football), require an athlete to compete at various times. This massage is used to help an athlete recover from one performance while preparing for the next. This must be done at the event’s location.
  • POST-EVENT – This is used to provide immediate recovery from issues arising from the competition, and may include first aid or referral to other health care professionals. This must be done at the event’s location.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue 60 min

(Clinical Treatment)


Traditional table massage services in Sherwood Park. The purpose is to help a variety of health issues and injuries, and includes deep tissue techniques.

$90 (45 min)
$150 (90 min)

Pre/Post-natal Massage 60 min

(Clinical Treatment)



Designed to provide relief from aches and pains while pampering and re-energizing the expectant mom.

Please see “Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)”™, above, for an alternative treatment.

$90 (45 min)
$150 (90 min)

Lymphatic Drainage 60 min

(Clinical Treatment)


Designed to stimulate lymph circulation to enhance detoxification and waste removal from body.

Please see “Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)”™, above, for an alternative treatment.

$100 (45 min)
$180 (90min)

Essential Massage 60 min

(Spa Treatment)


Graceful massage techniques are used to release stress & tension, improve circulation and relax the body & mind.

$70 (45 min)
$135 (90min)

Cupping Massage 60 min

(Spa Treatment)


This unique technique advances circulation, relaxes muscles, and stimulates vital energy points.

$95 (45 min)
$155 (90min)

Couples Essential Massage 60 min


Indulge in a full body massage together in our deluxe couple’s room. (Pricing is for Essential Relaxation Massage – Therapeutic Massage can also be arranged.)

$140 (45 min)
$270 (90min)

Hot Stone Massage 60 min

(Spa Treatment)


Therapeutic massage techniques and warm hot stones relieve tension & induce relaxation.

$95 (45 min)
$180 (90min)

Thai Herbal Compress 60 min

(Spa Treatment)


Traditional massage techniques are combined with therapeutic herbs and essential oils bundled up in thai herbal stem compresses, to help relieve pain and increase circulation in the body. A most excellent relaxation session!

$180 (90min)

Aroma Steam Therapy 30 min

(Spa Treatment)


Experience the soothing effect of steam infused with essential oils in a private steam room.



Come and enjoy our spa packages that were put together by our specialists themselves to ensure that our clients get the proper treatments to achieve their desired results for the best prices!

Experience the Art of Caring